CNC Machining

Milling and turning of prototypes, small series and special components


When is comes to milling and turning of prototypes of special components we our partner is Formkon from Denmark. (see )

Some facts about the machining department

·       Approximately 30 dedicated employees.

·      A total of 13 hightech machining centers.

·      24 hour operation – 7 days a week.

·      Newest CAM software - Mastercam and Hypermill.

·      In-House measurement and documentation.

The Advantages

·      Large flexibility and rapid turn-around times.

·      Automatic setup with probe/measurement directly on the CNC machine.

·      Robot/Palette solutions for unmanned operation.

·      Casting and machining from one supplier.

·      Possibility to produce smaller series.

CNC machining - machine list


Manufacturer                               Model                                    Working area


Hermle                                         C42                                         800x800x550mm

Hermle                                         C22                                         450x600x330mm

Deckel Maho                               DMU80evo                             800x650x550mm

Deckel Maho                               DMU 60evo                            650x450x450mm

Deckel Maho                               DMU 60monoblok                 630x560x560mm


Manufacturer                               Model                                    Working area

Deckel Maho                         DMU 65 Monoblock        735x650x560mm

Deckel Maho                         DMC 75V line                   750x600x550mm

Deckel Maho                         DMC 100V                        1000x800x650mm

Deckel Maho                         DMC 50V                          500x400x400mm


Manufacturer                               Model                                    Working area

Mazak                                           I200-S                                     Ø650x1000mm

Gildemeister                                CTX 420 linear                       Ø450x650mm

Gildemeister                                CTX 510                                 Ø600x1000mm

Gildemeister                                CTX 420Y linear                     Ø450x650mm

Illustrationer av några komponenter


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